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Reptiles and Amphibians of Suffolk County,L.I.,N.Y. by James Farr and Carlos Gazzola.

One of a large genre of nature books showing local knowledge

Citizen Science Education and altruism. Created to help.. currently Google photo has a new start-up from Mr. Farr.Directly from his Laptop book “Neolamarckianism vs. Lamarckianism. A Rebuttal. See the debate on internet on the web page vs.Lamarckianism.


Main Illustration.Aster-Sere


White Aster (Holotype) on Sidewalk. Bushy Aster (diff. species) Showing Over Fence.See James Farr Biologist You Tube for Invitro Crossing and Results for these Plants


The Missouri Review — Discover. I submit my research Study on to Missouri Review for publication. On

Founded in 1978, The Missouri Review is based at the University of Missouri and publishes four issues yearly. Each issue includes stories, poetry features, and essays, which are selected from among 12,000 unsolicited submissions sent from writers around the world each year.

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A New Book on Our Science History.Of this Era.

The history of eugenics in early 20th century science must be addressed because of the sheer magnitude of its influence in the science and the politics of this era, its relation to the science of genetics that was to come, and because it provides such a strong example of the guiding model of this book of the inextricable connections between ideology, politics, and biology.

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Beginning of the End — Capt Tony’s “”re:calender

The Outer Banks anglers are beginning to see the end of our seasonal fishery. Cold fronts seem to arrive more frequently and with these systems both colder air and water temperatures are steadily creeping into our region. The northern surf fishery over the past month has been outstanding. In November the perennial Big Drum invaded […]

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